3 Things to Know about Before Making Friends

Friends are an essential part of our life. We are fortunate and blessed with good friends. But everyone out there is not your good friend or not your best friend. In the crowd of lots of fake friends, it is hard to find the best one. Today I’m going to share simple 3 things that you just need to know about before making friends. If you are careful enough about this checklist, then I am pretty sure you will end with a few fantastic friends on your list.

3 Things to Know about Before Making Friends
3 Things to Know About Before Making Friends 

#1 Does He Lie?

Might be your friend is not lying with you, but he is lying with someone else, and you know that. You both are making fun of a third person, and he is saying lots of lies to them. In that case, sooner or later, he will tell you to lie too, and he will make fun of you with someone else. So finding a friend who doesn’t lie is significant for us.
You might ask me, is that a big deal? Yes, it’s a big deal, because as a friend he will make an impact on your life. But if you are just spending some moments with him, then it’s okay. No need to know or judge him a lot. But if you are going to have a long term friendship, then you must need to know about him.

#2 Is a Positive Person?

For me, positivity is the first priority in friendship. I don’t allow negative peoples in my life. When someone de-motivates me with his opinions, I wipe than a person out of my life. I block him on social media, delete his contacts, and never keep any communication with him. I don’t see any sin in this. We all have the right to spend our life with our own ethics and thinking.
A friend could be your most crucial part of the life journey. I have got lots of positive friends. They did support me every moment in life. They didn’t support me with money nor with any direct help. They supported me with their kind words that are enough getting from a good friend.
So if you find, your new friend is not worthy, and he might make you feel negative about your work, your dream, your target, then it’s time to kick him out of your list.

#3 Understand Your Value, Financial Situation and Time

We all have works, study or something that we do principally in our life. It has value; we all have a specific limit of financial spending. Suppose one of your new friends is spending hundreds of dollars every day with you or with some of you. But you don’t have that ability to contribute in their spending. In this case, you need to understand your financial situation and take yourself out of that friend zone.
Everyone has their own routine and time setup. We can’t waste lots of our time out of habit. If you find, any of your friends are trying to make you get out of the method and spend extra time with them, then it might take effect on your job or study. In this case, I highly recommend you to step back from the friendship.

In some case, friendship is everything, but remember the end of the day you’re your own. There will be none if you don’t succeed in your life. Friends are for a specific time. They will be busy with their job, study, and family soon. So you have to make your space for the future. It’s not a wise decision to sacrifice your future for having some fun with friends.

Note: I am not a super friendly guy, if you are hurt with my personal opinion, then I’m sorry. I can’t help.

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